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Overton starts accepting Bitcoin as payment

We are excited to announce we will be accepting Bitcoin as part of our innovative vision for the future of our Norfolk building company Overton Limited.

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency, which allows peer to peer transactions to take place worldwide, without an intermediary such as a bank. A bitcoin – currently worth more than £39,000 each – is a currency stored in a digital wallet.

Adam Overton, director of Overton Limited explains why we are taking this pioneering approach.

“In recent years there has been significant growth in the use of cryptocurrency worldwide, not just as investments, but for purchasing product and services too. I believe that by being among the first to open up this new payment channel to our clients it demonstrates how motivated we are to responding to the market and continuing our own growth as a company as we’ll be ahead of the curve.”

“We work a lot in north Norfolk with people moving out of London and I think there are more people down there who invested in it early on. They might not necessarily want their Bitcoin just sitting in their digital wallet and increasingly it will be used more transactionally.”

“There are many advantages of using cryptocurrency for the construction industry and our clients,” added Adam. “Established payment systems are slow and expensive, whereas a cryptocurrency transaction can be complete in seconds. The transparent nature of cryptocurrency is also an appeal to many. It’s exciting to us to embrace this new technology. You can buy a car in Bitcoin, so why not a house and renovations?”

With an office based in historic Heydon, a growing support team and projects spanning the width and breadth of Norfolk, we are looking forward to the future.

Adam continued “Norfolk holds an eternal appeal, with many people wanting to live here; be it to relocate, retire or renovate. The slower pace of life is what draws many people here, but we aren’t planning on standing still.”